About Cartan Tours

Cartan Tours, Inc. was founded in 1899, and is one of the oldest and most respected tour operators in the United States.

Since its inception, Cartan Tours has offered quality experiences for the distinctive traveler. Our product history began with “steamer” vacations on the Mississippi River, which soon developed into tours that included multiple destinations within the United States, Canada, Europe and now Cuba!

Companies do not stay in business for over 100 years without being “something special.”  The characteristic that sets Cartan Tours apart and keeps our customers continually coming back is the concierge service we offer our clients by providing personal attention to their every request.  In a world where most phones are answered with an automated answering prompt, our phones are answered by a pleasant, human voice saying “Cartan Tours, how may I help you?”  Our staff’s extensive knowledge of the destinations we offer, allows us to personally advise you when helping you plan your trip. We offer unrivaled expertise in handling any type of travel program you need, including group, individual and customized requests.

Cartan Tours has built a reputation on providing quality vacations at an exceptional value that include the finest in tour packages and award-winning accommodations. We look forward to helping you with your vacation plans.

Our Staff

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